Saturday, 28 September 2013

Treasure Hunting for the Netziv

So the last few day's I've been trying to locate the Netziv's perush on the Sifrei, the Emek Hanetziv.  It hasn't been easy. Google Search turned-up next-to nothing.  Online bookstores don't have it.  Most people I asked never heard of it. The two rabbis who I spoke who did know the book were divided as to whether it's just a standard perush included with the Sifrei or whether it's it's own book.

Well, a couple people told me to check out the library in the Central Ashkenazi Shul in Akko. I went to shacharit there(weekday davening is actually held in the library) and spent half the time peeking surreptitiously at the not-terribly-organized shelves.  Then, suddenly I saw it.  Three volumes of moderate width "Sifrei Emek Hanetziv".

It's a pity there's so little online about the book. These days, you can get all the basic Jewish texts online, at least as a scanned PDF, but there are still a lot of books with little or no mention online. I would love to scan the entire book and put it up, but I don't have the time or the equipment, so here at least are the pages I scanned for my own personal use, about Maakeh.

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