Thursday, 5 June 2014

Recommended Reading

It's so much fun when your book order arrives!

I just got three new books with similar titles:
  1. Minchat Aviv- a new collection of Rav Lichtenstein's gemara publications
  2. Mincha Vezevach- Rav Danny Wolf's book on fundamental Brisker sugiot in Seder Taharot(I already have the first book in the series Mincha Leaharon)
  3. Mincha Tahara- another book in Rav Wolf's series, this one on Seder Kodshim

I really enjoy this format of  published gemara shiurim. Unlike a live class, you can go back and re-read sections until you really understand them well, plus all the sources are referenced right there on the page for you to look up. It's also very efficient for learning on successive train rides...

But despite the similar format, Minchat Aviv and Shiurim Lezecher Abba Mari Zal are different than Rav Wolf's books. Rav Wolf's books are there to give you basic background information on the Sugya--what are the main questions and major approaches, before you dive-in and try develop your own understanding. The other two books already assume a certain level of familiarity with the material and they try to develop novel approaches of their own.

In any case, recommended reading, and you can expect plenty of future posts on this blog relating to these books...

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